In 1936 a small group of Americans of German descent gathered to form a club with the purpose of preserving the traditions, culture and heritage of their German homeland. The first Club President was Otto Bollhagen.  Since that time, many dedicated men and women have given their time and their talents to preserve the liberty, equality and tolerance of the new land they have chosen and to contribute, as club members, to the good of their community.

     The club did not have a permanent home for many years and drifted from one meeting hall to another. Joe Binder (Club President from 1971-1975 & 1977-1978) wrote in the 40th Anniversary Journal, “The next decade will be dedicated to finding our clubhouse.” In 1979, after looking for several years, our present property was purchased. It consisted of approximately 9 acres of land and a basement about 2/3 the size of our present meeting hall. Hans Stellmacher, (Chairman of the Building Committee) wrote in the 50th Anniversary Journal, “The biggest asset we had at the time was enthusiasm, unity and a wealth of skills and labor. While most of us worked occasionally, there were some who worked almost all of their free time, evenings, weekends and holidays.”  Our present building is evidence of their accomplishment.  We are now reaping the rewards of their labors.

     The support of our many friends has assured the survival of our club, and we look back with pride to the accomplishments of our early members. The next decade will be dedicated to promoting new activities in order to attract new club members and to assure continued growth.

     Most important of all is our resolution to join together, as Americans of German descent, to preserve existing friendships, to form many new ones and to continue to preserve the culture and heritage of our “Alten Heimat”.